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Bakker Travel pays the greatest possible attention and care to the data and information placed on its website. Nevertheless, it is possible that both the Bakker Travel website and the sites affiliated with this website contain inaccuracies and imperfections. Bakker Travel accepts no liability for damage as a result of these inaccuracies or imperfections, nor for problems caused by the use or distribution of this data and information.

Bakker Travel also accepts no liability for loss, loss of profit or loss of enjoyment of life resulting from the use or distribution of the information, or from technical defects. The downloading of data and information is entirely at the risk of the user.

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Privacy Code

The user data collected by Bakker Travel are processed and treated in accordance with the privacy code used by Bakker Travel. Bakker Travel points out to the user that no personal data of the user will be registered by Bakker Travel when referring to a website other than the Bakker Travel website. However, it is possible that the company, to whose site the user has been referred, registers personal data.

We advise the user to first take note of the privacy code of this company before disclosing his personal data.


Bakker Travel points out the following with regard to the rights to texts, photos, illustrations, maps, other graphic material, (trade) names, brands, logos and databases. The copyright, trademark rights and/or any other intellectual property rights in the material or right under protection are vested in the company using such material or right.

Bakker Travel accepts no liability for damage resulting from unauthorized use of this material or right and refers those who believe they have a stronger right to the person or company that makes use of that material or right.

If and insofar as Bakker Travel has the personal data of the person who is allegedly infringing any copyright, trademark or intellectual property right, Bakker Travel will not provide this data to the person or company that believes to have a stronger right, unless the refusal to the provision must be assessed as unreasonable or unlawful, or this must take place in execution of a court order.

The Bakker Travel website, as well as the websites to which reference is made via the Bakker Travel website, are protected by copyright. Use of these sites in violation of copyright and other applicable laws and regulations is not permitted.

Privacy Policy

Bakker Travel respects the privacy of its members and other users of the KNV website. Dutch laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data apply to the use of the Bakker Travel website. Bakker Travel makes every effort to secure access to a user’s information (such as personal data and other data), as well as information intended for the user and containing personal information (such as e-mails).

The personal data can be used for the following purposes: to provide the products and services desired by the user as much as possible and to respond to the wishes and needs indicated by the user (including by means of cookies);
taking measures to verify the user’s personal data upon registration, as well as taking measures to protect that data;

conducting market research to improve the technical and substantive quality of Bakker Travel products and services;
invoicing for the delivery of Bakker Travel products and/or (special) services;
providing information to the user and making offers to the user;

Under no circumstances will Bakker Travel provide personal data to third parties without the explicit permission of the user or use it for purposes that were not known to the user when registering on the Bakker Travel website.


Bakker Travel uses cookies on its websites to collect information about your visit to one of Bakker Travel’s applications. Bakker Travel uses this information to establish your identity and to facilitate your visit to the applications. When you visit applications, some data is stored in a cookie. Refusing (the use of) cookies may result in a reduction in the user-friendliness of Bakker Travel applications, or in Bakker Travel applications becoming wholly or partially inaccessible.

Delete cookies

Of course you can always delete the cookies that are placed on your computer, laptop or smartphone. The way in which cookies can be deleted depends on the internet browser you use (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). Consult your internet browser for instructions on how to delete cookies.

You can contact Bakker Travel with the request for:

to communicate which personal data is processed by Bakker Travel (right of inspection); to request Bakker Travel to correct, supplement or delete incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data (right to correct); to discontinue certain data processing (right to object)


If you have any questions about Bakker Travel’s privacy policy or about the personal data that Bakker Travel has registered about you, please contact: Bakker Travel, 1525RH Wormerveer.