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Travel information on the road with Bakker Travel


Quality Mark Certified Coach Company KIWA ISO 9001

Our bus tours are carried out with luxury coaches that are equipped with double glazing, toilet on board, refrigerator and coffee maker, footrest, two passenger doors on the right side, air suspension, stereo sound system and air conditioning. Both Tourist Class and Royal Class seats are available on the bus. These are chairs with a footrest and an adjustable backrest. There is more legroom than with a normal chair. Our coaches are driven by experienced and qualified drivers.

Royal Class

Royal Class seats are available on the bus. These are chairs with a footrest, the backrest is further adjustable and there is more legroom than with a normal chair.



During the journey there will be regular (short) breaks so that you can have something to eat, stretch your legs or smoke a cigarette. It is possible that in case of delays due to unforeseen circumstances the number of stops will be limited. Bakker Travel is not liable for delays caused by weather conditions, breakdowns, technical failures, traffic congestion or other unforeseen matters.

Do not smoke

Bakker Travel operates smoke-free buses. It is forbidden for passengers and drivers to smoke on the bus. The bus will stop regularly during the journey for a short (smoke) break.

Consumptions on the bus

Most of the buses are equipped with a bar, from which – for a fee – at least coffee, tea, soft drinks and beer are available. In some buses, the range has been expanded with other articles. Under no circumstances is it permitted to consume alcoholic beverages that you have brought yourself on the bus.


All buses have a stereo sound system, as well as a DVD system. During the trip, the drivers can provide pleasant music and a nice movie.

Night's rest

The night’s rest will start around 00.30. Radio and TV are then switched off, the necessary night lighting is provided and there are no more stops for passengers.


It is not allowed to take pets on the Bakker Travel buses.


All buses have limited luggage space.
Do you always ensure that labels are attached to your luggage? You remain responsible for your luggage at all times. If your luggage has not arrived or has been damaged, please report this immediately. Valuable items and medicines must be transported as hand luggage in connection with possible loss or a late arrival of your suitcase. Keep your hand luggage in the luggage compartment. Our driver will be happy to help you place your other luggage in the hold.

Not completely satisfied?

It may happen that you notice a shortcoming in the implementation of the travel agreement during your trip. You must report this to our driver as soon as possible. If the shortcoming is not resolved, you must contact the head office immediately. Please give us the opportunity to solve the problem during the trip. Don’t wait until you get home, because then you put yourself and us in front of a fait accompli. If you unexpectedly fail to report a shortcoming at the start of the problem and / or during the stay, this may also mean that you lose the right to compensation, as we have not been given the opportunity to offer a solution. After your trip, you can report any shortcomings in writing within one month of your return (see further article 20 of the ANVR consumer conditions).


Found objects

Did you leave something on the bus? Or have you found something in the bus that does not belong to you? Fill in the attached contact form as detailed as possible and we will help you as soon as possible. If you have not received a message from us after 10 working days, this means that unfortunately we have not found your item. Lost and found items are kept for 30 days.

No compensation

It is not possible to claim compensation if you have lost or left valuable items on the bus during the journey. We are not liable for this.

Are you still missing information?

Please contact one of our employees. They can help you further! CONTACT