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Frequently asked questions about coach hire and bus travel

Bakker Travel has an extensive and varied fleet of vehicles. The number of seats varies per bus or coach from 19 to 49 people. For more information, see the fleet link.
American school bus: 42 people
Minibus: 19 people
Tour bus: 49 people.
Double-deckers: 88 people
No more people may be transported than there are seats.

The tour bus has room for a maximum of 10 wheelchairs. Various combinations are possible.

WiFi is available on the hop-on-hop-off buses.

Most buses have a toilet. Coffee maker and DVD is available.

Bakker Travel does not actually use buses, but only coaches. By a bus we mean a scheduled service bus or public transport bus, without any facilities. A coach is a more luxurious bus with comfortable, adjustable seats, toilet, DVD player and possibly bar facilities and air conditioning.

Yes, in a moving coach it is mandatory for all passengers to wear seat belts, provided they are present in the coach. When these are present, wearing them is mandatory and it is forbidden to walk in a moving coach, except for a toilet visit.

Yes, you are insured in the coach. This is even required by law. This insurance is valid when you are in the coach. Once you have exited, this insurance will of course no longer apply. You can often take out travel insurance (with us) for this.

On request it is possible for catering on board. This can consist of taking care of the drink, but snacks and luxury sandwiches are also possible. During day trips, people often stop at a restaurant for a snack along the way.

No, since the change in the tobacco law it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the coach.

This is regulated in the Working Hours Decree (‘Driving Hours Act’). This is divided between working time and driving time. Working time is understood to mean all the time that a driver is at work, including waiting time, breaks and driving time. For example, the waiting time for a day trip is counted as working time. Driving time is the actual time that a driver is driving. Standing still in a traffic jam is driving time. The Driving Hours Act has exceptions, but in broad terms a driver may drive 9 hours a day and work a maximum of 15 hours (including driving). After that, there must be a compulsory period of 11 consecutive hours of rest. This rest period may occasionally be shortened to 9 hours. You will find more information about this legislation on the site of the IVW (Inspectorate for Transport and Water Management).

Bakker Travel has entered into a partnership with European insurance companies. If desired, you can take out insurance through us for an excursion or multi-day trip.

When you have made an online booking with us, you will automatically receive a confirmation by email. If you prefer to receive the confirmation by post, you can indicate this when booking by telephone. Have you booked a day trip or excursion with Hooyberg busreizen? You will receive your travel documents a week before the day of departure.

It is possible to consume a snack you have brought yourself in the coach. We provide extensive lunch and dinner at a restaurant en route.

All day trips mentioned in the brochure can also be booked for complete groups and possibly also on other dates. Please contact our employeescontact

If you still have questions, you can always contact our employees.