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If you’re planning to travel to Europe there are so many places to visit. From the city of love Paris, the city of Fashion Milan or to the famous canals of Amsterdam. We can arrange transport to any destination in Europe. When it concerns a full arranged European tour, a city trip, tour in the Netherlands or a trip to your holiday destination, We can arrange this for you.
When it comes to planning your Europe trip it’s essential to organize your travel well in advance. Travelling by coach gives you the freedom and flexibility you want.

Bakker Travel connects all the major European cities together and will make your travel around Europe an enjoyable experience. Our drivers have years of experience with driving in the most beautifull places in Europe.  We have been travelling a lot to: Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switserland, Denmark, Sweden, England and Luxembourg.   

Ready for an unforgettable trip?

We can offer bus tours for smaller groups to comfortable midrange tours, up to a tour for large groups. To ensure  an comfortable and safe journey, all our coaches are modernly furnished and equiped. Do to our wide range of coaches form 17 seater till 88 seater double-deckers there is always a coach suitable for your group. 

We can arrange it!

*Your trip in Europe

*Your transfer to the hotel and airport

*Your transfer to a exhibition or event

*Your tour in the Netherlands

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