Quality and durability

KIWO ISA 9001 certificering

We meet the strict requirements of the KIWO ISA 9001 certification. For you this means that you can count on optimal service, quality and safety. Constant monitoring of the fleet and drivers gives you the assurance that safety and service come first.

To obtain the Touringcar Company Quality Mark, the following requirements must be met:

  • The professional competence of the employees must be demonstrated. By means of the legally required papers, the required professional diplomas and the qualifications required for the quality mark. For these professional hostesses and hosts, customer-friendliness is paramount.
  • The safety and comfort of the equipment must be demonstrated. Technical checks by the National Road Transport Agency are the guarantee that all coaches of the recognized company have been professionally and carefully maintained. Investing in safety is a priority. The coach is therefore a quality product par excellence.
  • Driving and rest times must be observed in accordance with legal regulations. Of course, this also applies to other legislation regarding the transport of persons. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) monitors correct compliance with this. The protection rules of the drivers guarantee the safety of the coach passenger.
  • The collective labor agreement for coach transport must be correctly observed. The Foundation for Information and Planning of the private bus transport industry (FSO/STO) monitors this. Compliance with social regulations has a direct influence on the proper functioning of the employees.
  • The recognized coach company is adequately insured in the unlikely event that something should go wrong. The insurance covers, among other things, the (supra) legal liabilities for ‘transport’ and ‘travel organisation’.

Additional Guarantees

Every coach company that is recognized as a Touring Car Company Quality Mark offers extra guarantees to its passengers. These guarantees relate to the safety and agreed comfort of the coaches, the professionalism and serviceability of the drivers, strict compliance with driving and rest time legislation and compliance with the social regulations of the industry. Moreover, to be on the safe side, these coach companies are always more than adequately insured. These extra guarantees should also give the client a feeling of safety: after all, he is (at least morally) responsible for the passengers for whom he has arranged the transport.

Quality assurance

The constant quality assurance means that the recognized Touringcar Company Quality Mark can rightly call itself a specialist in transport by coach. Within a Quality Mark company, continuous internal control takes place on the basis of the quality manual, while an independent audit institution regularly carries out external checks. This provides the passenger with the best service for all tourist, business and recreational transport. Safety, comfort and service are paramount at the quality mark company.