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Kinderdijk is a small village at a distance of only 16 kilometers of Rotterdam and a little bit less than 10 kilometers from the cityborder of the oldest city in Holland, Dordrecht. Never the less is the village unique for it 19 windmills dating from the 1500s.


* Visit a working windmill
* Boattrip
* 19 historic windmills in a small village

History of the Kinderdijk windmills

The windmills in Kinderdijk have got a long history, that goes back to around 1740. The windmills were built to keep the inhabitants of the Kinderdijk polder dry. The windmills played an important role as a pump to regulate the water level to protect Kinderdijk from flooding, as the most of the land in Kinderdijk is below sea level. Nowadays the windmills have been replaced by a fully automated water pump stations, but the windmills are still in a pretty good condition. The Kinderdijk windmills are still operational but serve other purposes.

Kinderdijk windmills

One of the windmills is opened for visitors during the tourist season, and at most of the days its operational too. While visiting the windmill, anyone can get a pretty good idea about the functioning of the windmill and the lifestyle back then. All the old pots, pans, wooden shoes and traditional tapestry that were used in the mill are still there. To make the historic setting more realistic, you get to wear an authentic miller’s overall and dutch wooden shoes.

Kinderdijk by night

During the 2nd complete week of september the Kinderdijk windmills are lighted at night, which is called mills in floodlight. This attracts many visitors from all over the world,a nd can be recomended to anyone. In the mean time enjoy this website and tell us what you think about it.

Kinderdijk boat tours

A boat tour through Kinderdijk is a great way to explore the Windmills. During the 30 minutes tour you get very close to the beautiful old mills!
Please note that the boat tours only depart from April till October!

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